Announcing 30 DAYS OF DRAGONS!!!

In honor of the launch of my second book Dragon's Curse I am hosting a virtual launch party on the release date, January 27th, 2014. If you are interested in participating you can sign up for the event on Facebook here.

The event will include sneak peeks of the book, online content, and chances to win prizes. What will those prizes be? Well, that's my second announcement!

I'm hosting, starting December 28th a very special 30 Days of Dragons event. During this time I will be sharing multiple Dragon and Writing related links and pictures, previewing prizes that will be given away at the launch party. 

Also, everyone who shares an original piece of dragon art with me will receive a free advance pdf copy of Dragon's Curse. What? You don't think you have the chops to create an original piece of dragon art? Well, check out this awesome beauty provided by my (soon to be) six-year-old!

This is an awesome rainbow dragon, in a lightning storm no less. She challenges you to create and share your own dragons!
Not into art? Is dragon haiku more your thing? Dragon interpretive dance? Do you horde gold beneath your mattress and long to play riddle games with burglars? Then it possible you are a dragon! Just send us a selfie!!!

Be sure to tweet about the event using the hash-tags #30daysofdragons and #dragonscurse. Please also RSVP to the Facebook event. If you don't have Facebook, never fear! I  will also be posting a rafflecopter on my blog around the same time, which should allow you a chance at winning at least one awesome dragon related pride.

May Santa Dragon bring you all a piece of his horde and not turn any of you into coal.

Willamette Valley Wonder Woman