Dragon's Curse: Character Profile-Martin

This is one of my 30 Days of Dragons posts in preparation for the release of my book Dragon's Curse.

Sir Martin Mathewson

While Martin is not a knight in the traditional sense of the word, it is customary for scholars to claim a title as a way of showing they of the pen have equality with those of the sword. Within the Academy "Scholar" is considered a lofty enough position, but it is common for the homelands of individual scholars to grant honorary knighthood for those who complete Academy  training.

Sir Martin's father held a position of importance in the Regonian court as both an adviser to King Ernest and the tutor for the two princes, Ewan and Edmond. In his adolescence Martin went through a mildly rebellious stage and informed his father he would rather be a knight and a soldier than a scholar, but his father, Sir Mathew, wisely allowed him to pursue this dream. Several months into training a broken ankle forced him to spend a long period off his feet, at which point gentle prodding from his father and having nothing to do but read rekindled his love of learning and set him firmly on the path to the Academy.

Shortly after Martin's seventeenth birthday his father passed away, causing the young man to delay officially entering the Academy so he could care for his ailing mother. He served the Regonian king in a clerical capacity until his mother's death two years later. However, his father's reputation and his on the job training under the Regonian king caused him to rise swiftly through the ranks once he fully immersed himself in the Academy culture.

In his third year he was assigned a first year student named Shannon MacCaulay as his research assistant and they swiftly developed a close friendship  and mutual respect.

Martin is loyal and logical with a healthy dose of ambition. He possesses a single-minded approach to problems and sees the world as a series of puzzles to solve and papers to write.