Dragon's Curse: Character Profile-Shannon

This is one of my 30 Days of Dragons posts in preparation for the release of my book Dragon's Curse.

Shannon Macaulay

Shannon hails from humble but pleasant beginnings, having grown up on a mid-sized farm an hour's walk from the Academy of Magic and Sciences. Her father was a well-off farmer which allowed her to pursue her interests in such things as reading, botany, and essay writings. Often solitary by choice, Shannon spent most of her youth cloistered with a book or writing notes on subjects of interest. She would often travel on her own to the Academy to attend open lectures or explore their libraries.

When she officially enrolled at the age of nineteen, her alchemy professor noted her knack for thinking outside the box and conveying ideas in unconventional but understandable ways. He assigned her to work with a former student, Sir Martin. Sir Martin had agreed to lengthen his essays on Magic Warding: Modern Scientific Methods for Dispelling the Ill-Effects of Spells into a full sized book but had expressed frustration with the workload. Shannon became his research assistant as well as the unofficial copy-editor. She once claimed his idea of a paragraph was one lengthy sentence broken up by copious amounts of commas. 

Shannon's ability to aid Martin allowed her to learn on her feet rather than in the classroom though for the first three years she never left the Academy. When promoted to Junior Scholar she found herself often under-estimated by those around her. 

Though she is of peasant blood and possesses no official title, Sir Martin chose to introduce her around the Academy as "Lady Shannon," a title she cannot officially claim but which became unofficially accepted. The title does cause her some anxiety and when she introduces herself she chooses to use her first and last name only. 

Shannon is timid around strangers but tends to over speak once she becomes comfortable. Smart but occasionally scatterbrained, she usually has multiple projects going on at any given time. While she likes people in small doses she prefers to avoid large groups or formal gatherings. Happy, hopeful, and persistent, she loves the unexplained and the mysterious and sees life as a book she can't wait to keep reading. 

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  1. Sounds like a great character, Heidi! Very well-thought. What do her parents think about her interests? And her siblings. Wouldn't they rather have her home and help on the farm?

    1. Having a child attend the Academy is kind of a feather in the cap for the parents, so they would've been encouraging, plus she is the oldest of four so they had plenty of other helpers at home. They also were wealthy by peasant standards and had a cook and a gardener as well as seasonal hired hands.


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