Merry Late-Christmas

I didn't post much about Christmas this year because, well, Christmas! (and Dragon's but that's a whole other story)

So I thought I'd post a few videos of my girls with their "show stopper" gifts, the ones I didn't bother to wrap because I thought they'd make the biggest impression.

For Claire this was a two foot tall stuffed dog. For Coryn it was a LaLaLoopsy doll (she got two, one from me and one from her grandmother. I decided to wrap one and keep one out for the Christmas morning surprise.).

Coryn changes what she wants frequently, and almost every year she drops a last minute, "I hope I get . . ." that makes me scratch my head and wonder if it is too late to run out to get one more present. This year the LaLaLoopsy doll request stayed pretty constant but on Christmas Eve she did say she wanted a remote control car and "something to build with" both of which she didn't get because she never mentioned them leading up to Christmas.

Claire is a little less verbal but you can still tell she loves her new doggy.

If you are envious of Claire's giant stuffed dog or Coryn's doll (which she specifically requested because it has button eyes like the Other Mother from Coraline which is creepy) here are links to the items on Amazon.


  1. How perfect! Glad you all (especially the girls) had a wonderful holiday!

    1. It was wonderful indeed. Hope yours was the same!


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