What I've been up to . . .

If any of you have been following along, it is possible you've noticed a distinct lack of activity from me as of late. I didn't even take the time to make a Wordless Wednesday post which is a relatively easy post to do.

And no, it isn't Christmas. I don't get stressed out over Christmas. We have no family in the area so there is no one to cook for and I like shopping early, in fact, I'm kind of obsessive about it. I've been done since Halloween or so except for the few people I know are getting gift certificates. I wait until last minute to order those.

This is all about my writing.

I'm putting together a to do list with things like "prep a virtual launch party" and "seek out reviewers."

I signed up for "MailChimp" and added an email subscription option to my author website and my Facebook.

Oh, and I crocheted a dragon.

 Yes, crocheting isn't typically on an official author to do list, but I've never been typical. I'm planning a promotion called "30 Days of Dragons" to count down to my (newly chosen) January 27th release date.

Look out for the announcement, subscribe to my email list, and you might be on the fast track to winning your own special dragon pet!