30 Days of Dragon-Day Six: Dragon Art-Story Telling

30 Days of Dragons: Day Six

Some Unique Dragon Entertainment

I'm a fan of relaxation videos on youtube. Most have a themes like "spa days" or "floating on a cloud," but occasionally some of the more creative artists branch off into elaborate story telling. I decided, in honor of my 30 Days of Dragons event, to highlight some of these that are dragon themed. 

The first is by  a youtube user named "GrowlingWhispers." He has several videos involving his D&D style fantasy creation "Aalveir." They are all complex and interesting, but the one linked below is intense, interesting, and dragon themed!

Another artist who often tells unique stories is ASMRNovastar. Here she takes you into the dragon hatching center to select your own dragon to train and love.

Whispersinbloom has a similar but likewise delightful video, more on a fairy tale than an epic fantasy theme.
Finally we have the brilliant WhisperCrystal presenting "Rise of the Dragon Knight."
I love all these videos and wouldn't mind any of these artists doing my audio book.

As always, thanks for reading and keep a look out for Dragon's Curse coming January 27th, 2014!