30 Days of Dragons: Day 12-Crochet Dragons!

Now for something a little different.

I love to crochet, but I hate writing out my original patterns, even though doing so has always garnered me awesome blog traffic. I understand why. I'm forever searching the interwebs for new free patterns to try and have a massive pinterest board devoted to them.

This dislike for sharing patterns stems from three personal quirks:

1. I'm not good at  photography and good patterns really should have pictures to guide people along.

2. I'm often not sure how I actually did what I did. Unless I write down what I'm doing as I do it, which is a pain, I often don't remember the steps.

3. Due to the second item on my list, I often do patterns differently every time I do them.

That said my dragon is really cool and on the theme of 30 Days of Dragons, I thought I should share it.

As you can see, my dragons differ a bit from project to project
The dragon is made in nine pieces which have to be sewn together. It doesn't really matter which order you do the pieces, though sometimes I like to make the small pieces before the body so I can attach the limbs and ears to the dragon before I stuff it and finish it off. As always I really encourage you to adjust this dragon to make it your own.

Oh, and I will be giving away the green one in the picture above through my virtual launch party on the 27th and you can enter to win a smaller, red version here through rafflecopter.

This dragon is somewhat based off of this pattern which I made a little over a year ago (you can see my finished project here) and if anything this new pattern is a simplification of the Craftsy pattern. I like patterns I can memorize. This one was a little to complicated for that, so when I got it into my head to make a dragon to give away at my launch party, I decided to try and invent my own.

Gage and hook size really don't matter and any yarn you feel comfortable working in should work (I used cotton because I have a lot of it and I find it is more durable for toys than acrylic which tends to fuzz up a bit).

Head, body, neck, and tail are one piece.

Round 1-Ch 2, single crochet 6 times in the second chain from the hook.
You will be working in rounds without fastening off.
R 2-2 sc in the first space, sc in the next three times (should be 9 stitches around)
R 3 and 4-sc in each space around (still 9)
R 5-2 sc in the first space, 1 sc in each of the next two spaces (12 around) (you are basically increasing three in every increase row, something to keep in mind if you  decide to make this in a different size)
R 6-2 sc in the first space, 1 sc in each of the next three spaces (15 around)
R 7-2 sc in the first space, 1 sc in each of the next four spaces (18 around)
R 8-9-sc around (18 around)
This is a good place to stop and embroider in eyes and nostrils.

Now we start decreasing to finish the head and begin the neck.
R 10-Decrease 1, sc in the next three spaces around (15 around)
R 11-Decrease 1, sc in the next two spaces around (12 around)
R 12-Decrease 1, sc in the next space around (9 around)
R 13-23- sc around (9 around)

When row 23 is done, you  should have a fairly long neck. You can make it longer or shorter if you desire, but whenever you have it done to your preference, go ahead and start on the body.

R 24-2 sc in each space (18 around)
R 25-2 sc in first space, sc in the next space (27 around) (we've now switched to increments of 9 in order to widen quickly)
R 26-32- sc around (each row 27)

Now we start decreasing to finish the body and get into the tail.

R 31-decrease 1, sc in the next space, around (18 around)
R 32-decrease 1 around (9 around)
R 33-43-sc around (9 around)
At the end of row 43 you can start tapering off by decreasing two per row until it tightens to a point.
Then fasten off

Legs, make four:

Ch 2, sc 6 times in the second chain from the hook
R2-6, sc around
Fasten off leaving long tail to sew to body

Ears, make two:

Now I've done ears two ways. My first dragon had bigger ears. After examining both, I think the bigger ears are better than the smaller ears, so that's what I'm describing here.
Ch 5, slip stitch in the second chain from the hook, sc in the  next two chains, slip stitch in the last, fasten off leaving  long tail to sew to head. 

Wings, make two:

Chain two, two sc in the second chain from hook, chain one and turn (ch1&t)
R 3-8-Increase one in each of these rows at any point, always ch1&t. 
R 9-16- Decrease one in each of these rows at any point, always ch1&t. 
When you  reach row sixteen your piece should be roughly diamond shaped. You can fasten off here or slip stitch back down the edge of the wing to the first row, then fasten off, leaving a long tail to attach to the body.

Let me know if you have any questions. I'm very fond of this little guy.

Be A Crafter xD

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  1. I love dragons - I'm happy you shared this pattern - I have pinned it for others too :) Rhondda

    1. Thanks you can enter to win a smaller version here http://www.typativemamacat.com/2014/01/30-days-of-dragons-day-11giveaway.html or a larger one through my novel's virtual launch party on facebook.

  2. Adorable dragons for the little ones to play with.

    frances shea


    Thank you for sharing with the Clever Chicks Blog Hop! I hope you’ll join us again next week!

    Kathy Shea Mormino
    The Chicken Chick

    1. Sorry about the above, not sure what happened I had started to write I'd give this pattern to my mother and he name popped up.

    2. Maybe google has started "auto tagging" blogger comments. Weird.


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