30 Days of Dragons: Day 14, Dragons on Etsy

This post is part of my 30 Days of Dragons series leading up to the January 27th launch of my novel Dragon's Curse

Like many of my blogger friends I adore Etsy. I love how you can find so many creative and awesome hand made creations, so I thought as part of my 30 Days posts, I would create a treasury of dragon items from Etsy. 

Here we go!

Would you love to have these dragons on your wall? 
I really need a dragon ear wrap. What about this one?
Or maybe I should sport some awesome dragon wings!!!
Or some snazzy dragon scale cosmetics!
This shop has some awesome dragon prints (and also some winged cats I absolutely adore).
Isn't this little guy absolutely adorable?

Do you have a favorite dragon themed Etsy item?


  1. That little felt dragon is just gorgeous! I had to check if they make it in blue… and they do… I don't know how to resist! Thank you for sharing the great dragon finds!

    1. oh, I know the feeling. Sometimes I just WANT ALL THE ETSY THINGS!!!


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