30 Days of Dragons-Day 18: Doubts

For this 30 Days of Dragons post I thought I would discuss some of my doubts when presenting Dragon's Curse to the general public.

There is always some tremors of doubt when releasing your work to the general public. Be it a blog post or a novel, there is always a chance somebody is going to pop in and tell you what you are doing is stupid. Even true constructive criticism can be hard to handle (I have a post about that here), but that is something I had to be prepared for.

"Thankfully" I've had such limited exposure I haven't had to deal with a large amount of reviews and none of the reviews I have received have been mean. I honestly would accept a little bit of meanness if it meant I'd also had an uptick in sales, but oh well. 

But general anxiety aside, I do have some specific worries.

1. What if I completely screwed up marketing and in spite of my best efforts NOBODY buys this thing!
2. It is a series. I've all but promised the whole wide world that I'm going to provide THREE more books. What if I can't edit them on time (they are actually all written, so that's not a worry)?
3. Is my main character too old? My tone is somewhat "young adult" but my main characters are all in their twenties. Should I have made my leading lady a teen to suit my audience?
4. Am I too sappy?
5. Did I rush this?
6. Will I be able to get anyone to read this?

So those are my doubts. Going to face them head on because I've already committed to this. Wish me luck.

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  1. A few words of encouragement:
    1. I don't know much about marketing (just take a look at the number of followers on my blog...). However, I do know that a blog tour might help get the word out!
    2. You already wrote the next three books, yes, and that's a huge accomplishment! And book two has begun the editing process. :)
    3. The age of your main character makes the books relatable to a wider audience, and that's a good thing.
    4. No
    5. No
    6. I like it, so I'm going to go with yes. You can do this!

    1. Thanks. I'm so eager to get this book released now. I'm trying to stick to the release date and just build up anticipation. I'm doing a giveaway on Goodreads, so I hope that will get me a few reviews/readers.

  2. I'll be reading :)

    don't worry! you will do fine!!!!

    1. yeah, it's kind of like sending my baby off to school, though (which, actually, as a former homeschooler who is in turn homeschooling, is something I know nothing about.)


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