30 Days of Dragons-Day 19: Titles

This post is part of my 30 Days of Dragons Series leading up to the release of my novel Dragon's Curse.

I'm lousy at titles. Generally my books have working titles like "the one with the dragon" or "Egypt story," something vague and hardly marketable.

If you read the book (or even the first chapter of the book, which is posted here), you'll see that Dragon's Curse is kind of an obvious title. In the very first chapter Sir Martin says that the kingdom of Regone is cursed following the loss of the Crown Prince Ewan to a dragon attack and the chain of events set off by that tragedy.

Right away I was aware that this is a title someone has probably used before. (According to my husband, "Dragon Anything has probably been used before." Dragon's are cool.) but since titles can't be copyrighted (according to what I've read, and the internet wouldn't lie) I wasn't too concerned about that. I couldn't think of a major release with this title, and while an eventual Amazon search showed that there are two other trade paperbacks with this name, I still feel pretty strong in my decision (especially since it leads to a nice series pattern: Dragon's Debt, Dragon's Rival, Dragon's Bride are my follow ups). Also, if you google it, the first several results aren't for my book at all but for a 90's video game.

And when you get past all those you  actually end up on one of my blog posts, so that's good. (if you clarify "Dragon's Curse book" you do get other fiction results, but mine is still a first page result and I haven't even officially launched yet).