30 Days of Dragons-Day 21, myself in my books

This post is part of my 30 Days of Dragons Series leading up to the release of my novel Dragon's Curse.
Would you believe I'm a fire mage in real life?

One inspiration I didn't mention in my inspiration post is real life. True, in real life I've never had an opportunity to ride upon a dragon (I've actually never been on a horse for more than a few minutes at a time, though I have sat on an elephant), fight evil magic, or live in a fairy tale castle. 

slightly less epic than dragon riding

But I have fallen in love. Hard. 

but my  Marine beats Prince Charming any day

In some ways I've had my own fairy tale, and don't the Marine Corp dress blues look like something fit for Prince Charming? 

So, I do draw from my personal experiences for my love stories. I blame Matt (my husband) for why all my romantic heroes are unreasonably tall. I just can't imagine kissing a short man. All six foot five of my husband is required for any decent smooch session. 

I draw from other friends to create characters. Generally it is bits and pieces rather than the whole. I twist them and mold them to my needs, but at the heart, I'm imagining faces I know when I am writing my characters  . . . or occasionally Benedict Cumberbatch, but that goes without saying. 

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