30 Days of Dragons-Day 23, Character Profile-Adonna

This post is part of my 30 Days of Dragons Series leading up to the release of my novel Dragon's Curse.

Lady Adonna is a distant cousin of Edmond of Regone. Raised abroad, her mother returned her to the Regonian court after the death of Adonna's father, a foreign nobleman, when Adonna was in her early teens. Eventually orphaned and made a ward of the king,  Adonna often served as a hostess at official dinners, especially after the death of King Ernest's wife. 

Though Adonna obviously had ambitions towards marrying the crown-prince Ewan, she was triply foiled, first by his disinterest, then by the king's decision to betroth his son to the princess of Grassel, a neighboring kingdom, and finally by Ewan's death at the hands of a dragon. 

When Ernest died and the injured Edmond took the throne, Adonna loyally stayed at the young king's side through his difficult healing process. 

Adonna is reserved, clever, and ambitious, prone to manipulating people to her own ends. She sees life as a jewelry box filled with amusing trinkets. 


  1. That top picture is just how I'd imagined her--long face, pointy nose, disgusted better-than-thou expression.

    1. That's actually a portrait of Eleanor of Aquitaine. I like to imagine they would have gotten along.


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