30 Days of Dragons, day 24-Character Profile Roderick

This post is part of my 30 Days of Dragons Series leading up to the release of my novel Dragon's Curse.
Sir Roderick's family had served the Regonian royal family for several generations in relative obscurity when Prince Edmond's war upon dragon-kind gave the young knight his chance. One of many knights who volunteered to accompany Edmond, Roderick's performance on the dragon hunt could be characterized as sufficient. He manage to survive unscathed the slaughter that cost many of his companions their lives and Edmond his strength. 

The poor luck of his king was a godsend for Roderick. Now one of the few battle hardened knights in the kingdom of Regone, Roderick rested upon his laurels. Unchallenged by the less experienced competition, he grew cocky and complacent, confident in his own supremacy over other folk at court.

Roderick sees life as a tournament he is undoubtedly winning while everyone around him cheers him on.