30 Days of Dragons-day 9: Inspirations

The tricky part about these 30 Days of Dragons post is giving away hints about what is inside the book without those pesky spoilers, because I do want people to buy and read my book and hopefully be surprised by the twists and turns (or in the very least figure things out themselves from the clues provided). That said, I wanted to share some of my inspirations Dragon's Curse.

I have had the building blocks for Dragon's Curse in my head for awhile now, though a lot of the incarnations have been extremely different. Some resembled Arthurian romances, some epic fantasies, and a few were lighthearted fairy tales. I meddled with the elements for a long while before stumbling onto the "fantasy romance" mood of the piece.

My earliest inspiration is definitely The Reluctant Dragon, a short book by Kenneth Grahame.

While there are a lot of notable books about people bonding with dragons (Eragon and The Dragonriders of Pern immediately spring to mind), my concept of a bookish young person driven partially by curiosity and partially by desperation into the den of a dragon is more like Grahame's work than those longer series.

Of course, my bookish heroine attempting to avoid a blustering suitor probably stems from the "smart girl's" Disney princess. I didn't do it on purpose! It just sort of happened. . .

After all, who doesn't want to cheer on the smart girl who is able to see beyond the surface to befriend the unlovable?

Also, if you don't want to ride a dragon, something is seriously wrong with you. There is a reason I played World of Warcraft for so long, and no, it wasn't raids.

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  1. I totally agree, I will always support the smart girl who is able to reach past the obvious. Thank you for sharing with Cozy Reading Spot. Marissa


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