Author Anguish: The Waiting Game

Silence is definitely not golden
My morning routine? Well, before I even brush my teeth I rush to my laptop, pull up KDP, check for new eBook sales, the proceed to CreateSpace to see if I sold a hard copy or (God willing) two, bounce over to Amazon, see if I've been reviewed lately, and maybe pop in on Goodreads for good measure.

90% of the time, when I pull up any of those sites, nothing has changed  from the last time I visited, but the 10% where there is a new review or sale keeps me going back again and again and again, obsessively.

I try not to. It wastes a lot of my time. Still, the waiting game, for those first few reviews or sales, really seems to drag on forever. It hasn't gotten any better now that  I have two books to check on.

I'm not sure I'll ever be able to stop hovering over my books like a mother hen. The only two possible scenarios are that no one ever reads or buys either of my books ever and eventually I give up or (in my wildest dreams) that I gain a level of success where I don't have time to keep up with the reviews and sales.
The Ordinary Knight and The Invisible Princess: A Tale in Two Parts

Oh well, time to concentrate on book number three!

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