Blog Exchange with Carolynn @Kitty Ears

Now, for a break from dragons!

Advance apology for the awful pictures. Someday I will take nice pictures BUT TODAY IS NOT THAT DAY!

I just completed a blog exchange with Carolynn at Kitty-Ears Adventures, and no, we didn't exchange blogs. If you doubt me, check hers out. She has some awesome, creative projects. She sews and knits, both of which confuse me. And reads and writes which confuse me less but are still impressive.

they say natural light will improve your pictures. They lie.
So here are my awesome goodies! Oh, and there was a sheet of stickers too but Coryn swept in, laid claim, and used them up in about five minutes.

Coryn also says one of these hand lotions is hers. I can keep the other. She is generous that way. Oh and a little bottle of perfume which is really sweet.
Isn't this book cover beautiful?
A bad selfie with my lovely new infinity scarf.
This exchange was so much fun. It was great getting to know another blogger a little better. 


  1. yay, I'm glad you liked everything :) :) the scarf was my favorite out of all the things I sent you. It's so lacy and light but bulky because you can layer it on itself...I'm glad you love it :) :)


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