Dragon's Curse: Character Profile-Gnaw

This is one of my 30 Days of Dragons posts in preparation for the release of my book Dragon's Curse.
Image Credit "Blades and Beasts"

The Dragon: Gnaw

Gnaw is a juvenile dragon, not yet of full size or maturity. Dragon's live to be several centuries old (the oldest on record was speculated to be about six-hundred though she would only admit to five) and reach their full growth at around one-hundred. 

Not yet old enough to be tied to a mate or a hoard, Gnaw loves nothing more than the freedom of flight. In his travels he often risks encounters with humans in order to explore. Though he does not fear confrontation, he is wary of unneeded battles, and often goes out of his way to avoid bloodshed. He is not above using his size and strength to his advantage, however and when he does want something from a human, such as news of amusing human politics or a good story, he gets it by flashing his teeth. 

Gnaw is sarcastic and cynical yet loyal and slow to anger. Gnaw harbors a mysterious grudge against King Edmond of Regone and comes to the kingdom specifically to draw the king into one last battle. He sees life as a chess game where he has his moves planned out several steps ahead and finds the whole thing slightly amusing. 


  1. Wonderful profile! Gnaw is definitely one of my favorite characters.

    1. Thanks, he is mine too, probably my absolute favorite though Martin has his moments (Not to give away spoilers, but Martin's part in book four is simply awesome.).


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