Reasons to Read Dragon's Curse

I was goofing off while trying to figure out how to promote my new book, and this is what I came up with:

Five reasons to read Dragon's Curse!

Yeah, I don't exactly have a degree in marketing.

Willamette Valley Wonder Woman

Amanda’s Books and More


  1. Very nice! Your 5 reasons are fab. ;) Have you tried to get a book blast or book blog tour going through Renee at MotherDaughterBookReviews to get your book widely talked about? People who do children's lit book reviews sign up and then promote your book. Here's her link:

  2. I see on her site that she promotes only books 13 years and younger and there is a fee, but she's brilliant at what she does. Send me a message if you would like me to do a review. I can do it for free and I link up my book reviews at Mommynificent who has a Booknificent Thursdays blog hop. I also do social media on Twitter, FB, Google+ and Pinterest. Don't reply here, rather email me or message me on my blog. :)

    1. Dragon's Curse definitely slips out of the "13 and under" bracket. It isn't adult in the "dirty" sense, but it does have thematic elements and story plots I'd consider for teens and up. Things get fairly intense, especially towards the end.


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