When one googles oneself . . .

Today someone told me my name was fitting to be on a cover of a book on dragons.

I decided to over think this and wondered if "H. L. Burke" was somehow associated with dragons in a way I was not aware of which led to googling it.

That's when I found this review on the Fourth Person blog. Now my first thought whenever someone buys or reviews my book is, "Oh, I  must know them." I think that's just part of the small time self-published attitude. I keep trying to trace this reviewer back to a friend or mutual friend or one of the bloggers I emailed asking for a review, and I'm coming up blank. If I did contact them, I deleted all record of it.

Now, their review is not entirely positive. The Ordinary Knight and the Invisible Princess is in two parts, and the long and short of it is, this reader really did not like The Invisible Princess, called it melodramatic and lacking in development (as with all useful reviews, a mix of things for me to work on and opinion. I'm fine with criticism if I can use it to improve), but their assessment of the first half The Ordinary Knight was wonderful and included several positive comparisons to authors I love to read.

So I'm still a little bit dizzy over finding this out there.


  1. so awesome! and the invisible princess was MY FAVORITE. more more more then the first part. I loved it :P haha so I guess its just on an individual basis

    1. My most recent review on Goodreads agrees with you as well so it is all personal preference.


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