Writer Dreams

The title of this post is literal. I am not talking about my goals to self-publish at least one book a year or my fantasies of one of my books becoming a best seller and allowing me to hire a maid. I'm talking dreams, in bed, at night, while unconscious.

Last night I literally had a dream where I had an uptake in sales in a few new reviews on Amazon. Yeah, I woke up thinking, "Huh, maybe I've been putting too much of myself into this." 

Though in all fairness, I also frequently have dreams about the last television show I watched or computer game I played before bed. My favorite was dreaming I was an ant in SimAnt.

I recently used two of my free days and gave away over 300 copies of The Ordinary Knight and The Invisible Princess: A Tale in Two Parts
I'm waiting to see a review out of it. I'm still at five which is where I have been for awhile. However, I have seen a handful of sales since I  did the promotion which I want to  think is because someone recommended the book to a friend after getting it for free. 

no new reviews yet

If only 5% of people who got my book free would review it that would be great


  1. I need to buy something in order to qualify giving a review. I think your book deserves a lot more publicity. I see you have a new cover. I love it! P.S. You should give your book to people who do reviews on their blogs, because that's advertising. Have you spoken with Renee at Mother and Daughter Book Reviews? She left you a comment that time you had a Rafflecopter giveaway. She organizes book blasts and blog tours for authors to get noticed.

    1. actually, I believe she won that book, if my memory is right. I don't have any money to put towards marketing, so I've been very much "going it on my own." I'm not sure how her book blasts work, but a lot of them involve some sort of financial investment and that isn't an option for me at this time.

  2. While I have yet to read this book, knowing your writting skils I'm sure it's a great book. I wish you the best and hope sales do sky rise very soon...


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