Beta Readers Wanted

I have had pretty good luck finding decent Beta readers through Goodreads as well as having my work critiqued on Scribophile, but as a self-publishing author, in order to produce the best possible literary product, I want as much input as I can drum up.

That is why I am requesting Beta Readers from my Blog Readers.

I am hoping to put Dragon's Debt, the sequel to Dragon's Curse, on the market sometime in May or April. The release date depends a good deal on what sorts of feedback I get from beta readers. Are there glaring issues that need to be fixed or is it just issues of polishing?

I am planning to use one or more of my remaining "free kindle" days for Dragon's Curse the week before I release Dragon's Debt, so please keep your eyes and ears open for that announcement as well.

Dragon's Curse (The Dragon and the Scholar) (Volume 1)

Oh, and I recently found out that if you add a book to your wishlist or review it, it shows up for your friends on Amazon. As you can see below, three of my Facebook friends have "shown interest" in Dragon's Curse. 

So, in summary.
  • Look out for Dragon's Debt sometime in April or May.
  • Dragon's Curse will have a free kindle day prior to the release of Dragon's Debt.
  • I'm interested in finding people willing to beta read Dragon's Debt and give me honest feedback. 
If you are interested either in beta reading Dragon's Debt or writing an honest review of Dragon's Curse please contact me through email.

Willamette Valley Wonder Woman


  1. I'd love to be a beta reader, but don't have an e-reader :-(

    1. You can access pdf files on computers and most smart phones, so it would still be an option. I know reading on a computer is uncomfortable for a lot of people, though.


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