Coryn's Doctor Who Party: Decorations

This is a continuation in the Doctor Who party reveal series. You can see my previous post (on my daughter's cardboard box TARDIS here).

I want to preface this by saying not everything went exactly as planned and some cool ideas went out the window because the Hormones attacked me (I'm going to pretend they are an alien race)  and I once again was dealing with abnormally high stress levels, headaches, and fatigue. Also, apparently I cannot decorate cakes to save my life. (You can see some of the things I had hoped to do and didn't on my party related pinterest board, here.)

But we did a pretty awesome job at decorations, if I do say so myself.

I used a cookie cutter to trace out tinfoil stars and made a curtain out of crepe paper to make this "night sky portal" in the front entry.  The girls liked walking through it.

Then Coryn and I got excited and drew our own Dalek poster which we later used to play "pin the eyestalk on the Dalek."

Coryn thought it was so hilarious that the Dalek couldn't decide whether he wanted to "EXTERMINATE" or "CELEBRATE."

A little bit of googling for free printouts found this selection of Doctor Who paper dolls which I printed up, cut out, and taped to the window.

The rest of the decorations were more crepe paper streamers, a plastic blue table cloth, and some Think Geek items that I had bought to be presents but which I decided to incorporate into the decor rather than wrap.

I also cut out construction paper bow ties and taped them to plastic straws as a party favor.

Everything was very blue.

The pirate ship treat boxes were arguably not on theme. I bought them on clearance before Coryn told me the theme of her party (along with a pink, princess castle set) because I couldn't resist the low low price. My argument is that Amy fought pirates at least once (in another, RORY IS DEAD! No, wait, just kidding, episode.).

Pretty awesome, huh?

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    1. I was pretty proud at the end of the day when Coryn told me it was the best party ever in the whole world, I'll admit.


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