Coryn's Doctor Who Party: Food

Most of the plans for Coryn's party (You can see my previous post detailing the decorations here) that fell through were food plans. We ended up having more than enough food just with ordering pizza and cake and ice cream, so the Adipose Marshmallows, chocolate covered party bananas, and fish fingers and custard all got put aside.

I did make "Adipose Heads" to decorate the fruit plate with.

I really meant to do a TARDIS cake like this one.

Well, maybe not that elaborate (I'm not delusional), but I thought, how hard could it be to frost a cake blue and draw on some windows and the police box lettering?

Apparently I can't even frost a basic cake (I've done it before, I swear!). Matt suggests that the frosting was too cold because of the cold snap we've been having which was making it less spreadable, and that makes as much sense as any theory I can come up with.

There was no way this disaster was making it to the party. Coryn and I immediately had a piece (still tasted fine) and went down to order one from the Commissary. It wasn't a TARDIS cake but it was TARDIS blue and said, "Happy Birthday, Coryn, from the Doctor."
I forgot to get a good picture of it, so these ones of Coryn blowing out her candles will have to suffice.

and again but now with a serious face. . .
Oh, and she's wearing her "Trust me, I'm a Doctor" shirt too.

Here's baby sister with an exploding TARDIS beach towel.

Oh, all the cool TARDIS stuff (except for the shirt. That was from Amazon) came from Thinkgeek. When the package got here one of the items was damaged. I got someone on the phone in about five minutes and they sent me a replacement with two day shipping without requiring the return of the damaged item, which was awesome.

Here is Coryn's TARDIS shirt on amazon.