Sales Reports: January

I'm trying to decide if sharing sales is in poor taste, but I decided just to go for it, to give people a reasonable idea of what to expect from self-publishing. Now, there are writers who are better promoters than me (better writers than me too, probably), but this is me, doing what I'm doing, in the way I do it.

I have two books currently available.

Dragon's Curse (The Dragon and the Scholar)
(links will take you to the books on Amazon)

Dragon's Curse  is new. The Ordinary Knight and the Invisible Princess has been available since September but this month I chose to put the eBook version free for two days (which is an option for KDP select kindle books) in order to hopefully get some more reviews. I also used one free day for Dragon's Curse
(this is for ebook copies only, but that doesn't matter because I didn't sell any paperbacks this month) 

So for Dragon's Curse:
I gave away 84 ebooks (no reviews so far, but I figure it takes awhile to get around to reading, and it has been less than a week since I held my giveaway).
I have sold 13. If my math is right, this is about $9 of profit, at the 35% royalty rate and $1.99 a book. It's a good thing I'm not in it for the money. 

I'm a little disappointed that the OVER THREE HUNDRED copies of The Ordinary Knight and the Invisible Princess, over two weeks ago, hasn't brought in any more reviews. I did sale five ebooks of that as well. 

Now, I have read about self-published authors actually making a living at this, so the chances are, I'm doing something wrong. Still, I'm very happy that my books have theoretically made it into the hands (or at least ereaders) of over four hundred people this month. I hope some of them actually read it!

PS I'm planning on making a final decision followed by a formal announcement of when the sequel to Dragon's Curse, Dragon's Debt, will be available. My initial plan was this summer, but I'm getting very good feed back from my critique partners and am hopeful that I can move the release date up significantly. Stay tuned, please!