The Claire Bear Hair incident.

This is Coryn and Claire a few weeks ago. Note the lovely, just below the shoulder hair on Claire (the little one).
And then this happened. Coryn originally denied any knowledge of the Claire Bear Hair incident, but after we round the missing hair under her bed, she caved. She has been forbidden the use of scissors for the foreseeable future.
So I had to even it up.
Such a waste!

I still get a little sad when I look at her new "bob" cut, but she's still pretty dang cute.

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  1. She is adorable. I think every kid (and adult) does this at least once.

  2. I actually totally love the bob, Heidi! We keep Violet's hair shorter, because she looks so absolutely adorable that way. Just before the wedding last summer, where the girls were to be flower girls, Violet did not only cut her own hair, but also Lily's. I so freaked finding all the hair all over the house. Luckily, it wasn't that bad in the end, and the headband Violet wore disguised the shorter side perfectly. But I, too, keep the scissors well out of reach for little hands now!!

    1. It's going to be hard on Claire, though, because she's obsessed with pony tail holders and now she doesn't have enough hair to support one.

  3. She looks totally adorable! I can guess your tacón when you saw it. A few years back, my oldest did the same to the middle one :( it was so bad we had to shave his head. I still get dad when I look at pictures of his shaved little head. Lol


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