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I'm really proud of the way my website (hlburkeauthor.com) looks. I've started to include reviewer quotes for both my books on the novel's page, and I can't wait to add in the sequel to Dragon's Curse, Dragon's Debt in a few short months!

Here are some of the quotes I've included.

Reader Praise for The Ordinary Knight and the Invisible Princess: A Tale in Two Parts

A Tale in Two Parts is a fabulous young adult novel for the young and old. . . bravely takes on the fantasy world by including the parts that we have seen on many occasions in the books we have read as kids and the ones we are now reading to our kids, but she puts it into a new perspective with a twist.
-Christina Morley @ Amanda's Books and More

I loved how the book promotes abstinence and self-esteem. Throughout the book love is constantly shown to be sacrificial, and not merely physical, and appearance (beauty) is shown to be something secondary in favor of relationships and family.
-Carolynn @ the Kitty-Ears Blog

Reader Praise for Dragon's Curse

H.L. Burke packs action, romance and just enough detail into her book without making it feel rushed.
- Serena @ the Poetree Blog

A great tale of honor and adventure with rich, colorful characterization.
 -Angela Castillo, Author of The Amazing Adventures of Toby the Trilby

I can always tell when I am captivated by a book by the speed at which I finish it and I kept wanting to pick it back up every time I put it down.
-Elizabeth Davies @ Elizabeth Davies Books

I will admit, I was slightly disappointed in sales from Dragon's Curse, just because I had worked so hard on it, and it is a project I'm happy to have put out for public consumption. I am planning to launch another wave of publicity when the sequel is closer to release, including a give away, but right now I'm focused very much on editing up the next book and writing again. 

I just started my new story. It is a young adult fantasy novel with the working title of Beggar Magic (which I'm sure has been used before if only because it sounds so cool, but you can't copyright titles so I'm probably going to use it anyway). 

Anyway, stay tuned for more excitement, and if you would like to do a review of either of my books, feel free to contact me and I will arrange to get you a complimentary copy (probably ebook but I do give away hard copies if that is the absolute only option).

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  1. Thanks for linking! I'm always happy to hear what you've been up to. I think it's great that you keep writing. I don't now how you do it. And, I love the title, Beggar Magic. I'm sure a quick Google search will tell you if it's been used before.

    1. Amazon is actually a better indicator. For instance, if you search "Dragon's Curse" on google, almost all the references will be for a video game with that name. If you do the same on amazon, you can narrow down the search easily by searching departments and find there are a couple of trade romances with that title, but those aren't really my competition. The only book using "Beggar Magic" is subtitled "A Chinese Folktale," but it is perfectly legal to use a title that has been used before because they cannot be copyrighted. The only difficulty is if that book is a bigger publication than your book, people will find it in search engines before yours.


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