Yeah, my kids are cute

I have awesome kids. Not at all ashamed about that. I think they  are clever and funny and awesome. My Facebook reflects this.  I guess that's something people complain about, people who post all the time about their kids, but if I didn't do that, I'd have to individually call up every single one of my kids' grandparents, aunts, uncles, and other interested people to inform them.

Plus my kids are pretty dang hilarious.

Here we have Claire Bear dancing.

Some recent highlights from my kids (if you are on my personal Facebook, you probably saw these already.).

Coryn: I really wish you would be more yes-i-full.
(apparently I say no too often)

I sat down to read Claire her "pre-nap story" and she reached out, closed the book, lay down, and made snoring noises. I guess she was tried because when I got the hint and tucked her into bed, she lay there quietly. Some days you just want to nap.
(Coryn, being verbal, is more apt to be featured on my  Facebook. Claire is harder to capture because  her mannerisms, while hilarious, are unspoken)

Coryn: Mom, will you get me a towel and put it in my royal hand? 
I go into the bathroom where she extends her hand out of the bathtub.
Me: Is this your royal hand?
Coryn: I have two.
(Coryn is obsessed with being  a princess right now.)

Watching pairs figure skating with Coryn, "I want to do that with my best boy friend, Daniel." Apparently she now has multiple boy friends and ranks them.
(falls under the "oh dear" moment of the week)

I pointed out the full moon tonight outside of Coryn's bedroom window. 
Me: That's a beautiful moon. It will be like a night light for you.
Coryn: Ah, it's like a beautiful gem.
(So poetic)

Coryn is bored. 
Matt: so go sweep the floor.
Coryn: Working doesn't really make me not bored.
(I remember my mom trying to convince me to do chores for entertainment. Never worked.)

Coryn hands me a piece of chocolate and says, "Every time you are the best mother ever you get a reward."
I think my daughter is training me.
(I'm just worried she's going to bring bells into it)

Apparently Coryn is hunting her sister. She just took out her toy bow and arrow, pointed it at her and said, "Hello tasty meat."
Oh dear.

Coryn says she wants to be a Walmart cashier when she grows up so she can see me when I go shopping.
(We'll work on improving her ambitions later)