Dragon's Curse Cosplay? Yes, please!

In the 1996 movie That Thing You Do there is a scene  where the new band has just played a talent show and one guy really gets into it. He sees them later and one of the band members says, "Hey! That's our fan!"

I feel that way some times. Producing my books and marketing them to so few readers, can make me feel invisible in the grand scheme of literature, but every so often someone says something nice or seems excited about my books and then it's like BOOM! I claim them for my fandom. 

Today one of the high points happened. Look at this link. A blogger friend I gifted with a copy of Dragon's Curse actually cosplayed as my main character. Her outfit is completely awesome (I want that bag). 

Anyway, check out the Kitty-Ears Adventure blog for more pics.

You can purchase Dragon's Curse through the link below.