Little Steps and Affirmation

To me the only clear advantage traditional publishing has over self-publishing is the affirmation.

I have no personal experience (in all honesty, I barely even tried traditional publishing, never tried to get an agent, sent out relatively few queries and sample chapters, and that years ago), but I can imagine that just getting "accepted" would be a major victory. That you'd dance in the street, tell all your neighbors, someone out there, some agent or publisher or whatever, said YOUR PIECE WAS GOOD ENOUGH!

Self-publishing, while a lot of work, is a more quiet in the response. You launch a book and the best you can hope for are sales and reviews. The sales may come in slowly and the reviews even slower. Maybe you had a lot of people (friends, beta readers, even paid editors if you had the money to invest) look over the manuscript. Maybe you are 90% confident that you made it the best it could be, that it is a wonderful story, and that there is a market for it.

But unless you have the miracle of runaway success there is no way to know for sure if you were ready. That's why every single sale and review means so much to me. It means someone at least thought I did something right (though eventually I am sure I will get the "bad" review, the one where someone didn't like my work AT ALL. . .to date I've scraped by with my lowest goodreads review being 3 stars, which in my book is still a positive.).

But yeah, everything happens at a crawl, and you are never sure whether it is because that's just how self-publishing goes or because you aren't promoting right or because, well, you just didn't write a good enough book.

Part of me is a little bit "I don't care" as a survival method. I told myself that I wasn't doing this for the money or affirmation, just so that someone, somewhere, could read and enjoy my stories, and those moments when that happens, when I do make a sale and do my happy dance, or a new review pops up with blessedly four or five stars on Amazon or Goodreads, or whenever I get any feed back from any one who has any contact with my book, that is awesome.

I'm working really hard to get Dragon's Debt ready and simultaneously trying to write Beggar Magic. I hope to have more books up soon, even if my readership remains low.
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  1. Hahaha! I love the image. I gave my eBook to be read by my mom, my mom-in-law and my closest female friend in our town, and I never got feedback from the last two people and only a bit from my mom, who I know did not read the whole book. My dad, on the other hand, did read it and gave me positive feedback, which is really something, since he keeps his opinions honest... and the book was for moms! Wishing you a lot more of good feedback!

    1. yeah, those honest opinions are so far to find. A lot of people, also, don't feel "qualified" to say more about a book than, "I liked it" or "I didn't like it," I find, neither of which is much help for the editing process.

  2. I totally understand this. And it's one reason I never could've survived pursuing self-publishing. I totally admire you guys! You are doing ALL the work. You take it all, the good and the bad, with no buffer. You're a lot braver than me. ;) Best of luck with your latest work, too!

    1. Brave or impatient and way too stubborn to consider listening to publishers? Meh, semantics.


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