My daughter takes writing way too seriously

To start off, semi-facetious title. My daughter is six. Her written vocabulary is of the "See Spot run" variety. However, she takes "dictation" very seriously. 
Today it was an email to Grandma.
"Dear Grandma, I hope you have a great time getting ready to come to Florida. I was wondering if you'll go to the beach with me when you come to Florida. What do you want to do when you come to Florida? I am very very happy that you're coming here. Will you have fun? I'm so so proud. Would you like to go to my favorite park in Florida, the Perdido Kids Park? It's going to be lots of fun to see you here. Will you like to see around my house? I'm really really proud about you that you are coming here. Are you packing up to coming for Florida? So that it makes me very proud."
She watched over my shoulder and if I did something like type "I'm" for "I am" she would narrow her eyes at me and say "I said, 'am'." No one is editing HER distinctive voice. Then after she dictated one sentence  "I really really really. . ." she stopped and said, "I said really three times?" 
"Yes, you did," I said.
"Delete one really," she decided. 
She's already editing her work. In the end she wanted to know, "Does this make sense?" I said it did. 
So, yeah, it is pretty serious business. She's also pretty good at fiction as long as it involves princesses playing tag and the like.