Psych is Ending!

I first found Psych when I was pregnant with Coryn and Matt was in Iraq. It was on after Monk and I stayed up one night to watch it afterwards.

My first episode was "Dislodged." There is a moment in it when Shawn goes into a "psychic vision" and shouts out, "From the Halls of MONTEZUMA!" Missing my Marine, I found that absolutely hilarious at the time. I had to tune in for the next episode, which was the classic "Shawn (and Gus) of the Dead."

The show clicked. In one scene Shawn's dad, Henry, leans in really weirdly close and asks him if he is busy that evening (or something) and Shawn says, "Why? Do you want me to come with you to Awkward Class?"

In the words of Weird Al, "That's when I knew it was true love!"

We still had Netflix at the time when Matt got home and we were in San Diego, I binge watched the first two seasons and then waited expectantly for new episodes on Hulu.

It's my absolute favorite show ever. They do awesome themed episodes. Vampire themed, UFO themed, Soap Opera themed . . . They did a musical episode! It is quotable and clever and funny and doesn't take itself too seriously.

I adore Psych!

And Psych is ending!


How can this go off the air when so much garbage goes on? I don't know. Matt keeps telling me that 8 seasons is a decent run for a show. I'm not satisfied.
This show does musical "Psych outs" where the cast randomly bursts into song!

It reliably makes me laugh. It reliably makes my six-year-old laugh. The humor takes thought. Sometimes I'll find jokes on my third or fourth watching of an old episode that I missed the first three times around because they just put so many layers and references in it.


And tonight is the last episode ever.




How can you so this to me, USA network?

There is no other show like Psych. There is no replacement for Psych. Cancel one of my crime procedural shows, fine, I have four other arguably identical shows to turn to. Sitcoms are virtually interchangeable. Reality shows of whatever variety, don't make me laugh.
But there is only one Psych.
And now it is gone.

Excuse me while I cry a little.