Dragon's Debt, New Character: Brighid

Ah Brighid, among my beta readers and crit partners, the character with the most mixed reactions is definitely Princess Brighid of Westshire.

Now when writing Brighid, the curly haired, fiery tempered, slightly spoiled love interest for Edmond of Regone, I really wanted not to go to Merida. Not because Merida isn't a great Disney princess but because I'm trying to be original (the the best of my ability. I do shamelessly steal from Doctor Who on occasion.).

thanks for the image Disney
In all fairness, Brighid is more of a girly girl. She's a bit eager to wed. She doesn't have a bow, and her hair is "auburn" not orange.

She is also a spoiled teen with a shouting match relationship with her father. She gets melodramatic and while some readers admire her spirit, others just want to  slap her.

I'm curious to see where most of my reviewers fall. She's not a perfect character, by any means, but that's okay. I actually kind of like it when people dislike her. It makes her out to be real. Nobody likes everybody and if all my characters were universally likable, well, it wouldn't be right.