My Fan Moments

Tonight we went out to McGuire's an Irish Pub style restaurant with a lot of traditions, one of which is to allow guests to staple dollar bills with messages written on them to the walls. Most are just signed or have the date or "I love Joe" written on them, but there was one right over my head that said "I believe in Sherlock Holmes."

This made me pretty excited. I wanted to add my own "Fandom" dollar to the wall, but couldn't decide between "Frodo Lives" and "Bad Wolf". I ended up keeping my dollar. 

A bit later I was in the bathroom . . . before I continue, look at the image below, the shirt with the villains of Doctor Who and the TARDIS doing the Abbey Road walk. That's what I was wearing (and am still wearing as I type.). Well, when I was washing my hands in the bathroom there was a teenager in a Cyberman shirt. We ended up staring at each other's shirts then laughing. It was a nice moment. 

It got me thinking, I know I'm not a big force in popular culture, but I would love to have my own catch phrase for my novels. 

And come on, my dragon cover art would make an awesome t-shirt!

Fiery castle dragon and stony mountain dragon.

Yeah, who wouldn't want a Dragon's Curse or Dragon's Debt shirt?