The Further Adventures of Toby the Trilby

The Further Adventures of Toby the Trilby (Volume 2)
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The Further Adventures of Toby the Trilby

This book is the second in a Christian SciFi series. I would call it midgrade because it is a little too intense in places for truly young children, but the tone and subject matter are fitting for tweens as well as teens. 

In the first book (which you can purchase on Amazon here) Toby, a young boy created in a test tube with cat DNA spliced into his own, leaves his underground shelter to search for answers in a post apocalyptic world. On the way he questions whether he has a soul and discovers that  he has a Creator.

In book two, Toby is sent on a new journey, when a strange object falls from the sky and his Creator tells him to investigate. He finds strange and frightening new groups of people, answers to questions left unresolved in the last book, and an important lesson on forgiveness.

While both books in this series are good, this book is slightly less allegorical and more direct in its story. While Toby's first quest was philosophical (a search for meaning), in book two he has a clear goal (find the falling object). While the lessons are still there, this concrete purpose does lead to a quicker, tighter pace which will definitely hold young people's attention. 

This is a series that could grow up with the reader. There are some scenes of violence (not graphic, but perhaps too intense for the youngest of readers)  similarly to the first book, but overall it is a good clean read with an important message.   


  1. Visiting from Inspire me Monday. Glad you're doing book reviews.

    1. I don't very often, but I know this author and her book is worth promoting.


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