Author Press kit

I finally finished my "author press kit".  I added it as a downloadable pdf to my website.

You can read my press release here though. 
(also, if you  are interested in my sample Q and A included in this kit, check out this post.)

For Immediate Release
Contact: H. L. Burke 


Pensacola, FL, May 10–Independent fantasy author, H. L. Burke, will debut her fourth novel, and the third book in The Dragon and the Scholar Saga, Dragon's Rival, on August 4th, 2014. This in the penultimate volume in the four part series and explores the relationships between characters introduced in earlier volumes. The fourth book, Dragon's Bride, will be available in December of this year.

Burke, a blogger and stay-at-home mom, had a difficult time bringing the series to the end.

I really wanted to keep playing with my dragons.” She has considered delving back into this world, perhaps with short stories or novellas exploring the characters' lives before and after the events of the series.

For the time being she has switched focus.

I'm currently writing a young adult fantasy with an emphasis on female friendships and steampunk styling. The break from fairy tales and romance has challenged me as a writer.”

Burke has been encouraged by reader reception of her series. The first book, Dragon's Curse, carries a 4.6 star rating on Amazon.

The whole reason I write is to be read. I do a little dance every time someone tells me they enjoyed my stories.”