Dragon's Debt is a Bargain Today!

I'm trying to be more strategic about using my Kindle Select promotions through KDP. Right now I'm experimenting with the countdown deal.

The countdown deal is where your book goes up at a discount price for a set time (complete with a ticking clock), then goes up  to a slightly higher price for a bit, then ends up at its original price when the promotion is over.

So today and tomorrow and a little more than that, Dragon's Debt is only .99. In a few days it will be $1.99 before finally settling back to the original price of $2.99. Not huge differences, but hey, a sales a sale!

You can purchase the book through the link below.

Dragon's Debt (The Dragon and the Scholar)


  1. Thanks for the tip and for sharing this deal with #SmallVictoriesSunday linkup.

  2. It's always interesting to experiment with bargain deal offers like that. Hope it worked out well! Thanks for sharing at #smallvictoriessunday !


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