Sales and Returns

I've blogged a bit about my KDP countdown deal and how it boosted sales for me. You can read a little bit about that here.

So this is just a little bit of letting off steam: book returns can ruin my week.

With an ebook you can read the first two or three chapters before you make the purchase. If you didn't like it at that point, you shouldn't buy it. If you read through it and didn't like it, you still read it. I always get a little suspicious when someone returns my books. My books are not long. Most of my readers tell me they read through it in an evening or a day. You have several days to return an ebook after purchase. Part of me always thinks they probably read it all the way through before returning it, which to me is just cheating.

The first time I saw a "Units Refunded" on my sales report, I assumed I'd be seeing a nasty review from the disappointed reader within a few days. When that never manifested, I started to wonder, if it was so bad that they really wanted their $2.99 back, why wasn't it worth telling me about as an author or warning off other readers from wasting their money?

Maybe I should be happy that they chose to keep their opinion to themselves and not down rate my book, but I still sit there and wonder "why didn't they like it?"

But anyway, of the 76 sales I've made so far for May, only one has come back at me, and that's a pretty good rate.