Will A Kindle Countdown Promotion Boost My Sales?

I mentioned in my last post (here) that I was trying to be more strategic with my book promotions. Pretty much everything I've done as a writer is experimental. I'm a "learn by doing" sort of person. I can read articles all day and just get confused until someone drops me through a linking book and lets me start throwing switches and turning dials (Myst reference there).

If only all life's problems could be solved with clever puzzles
So this month, rather than do the "free days", I decided to try a Kindle Countdown Deal. I set my book at 99 cents for the first half of the deal (which ends in a little under a day now) then $1.99 for the second and then at the end of the full five days it goes back up to $2.99. I haven't done a lot of publication on this promotion. I've simply shared links and the like (next time I'll probably investigate promotion methods more), but what I've found has been very interesting. Compared to my free days, the 99 cents days have resulted in more sales.

Now obviously with the free days I give away more books. I think I gave out 300 on my best ever kindle free day. The 99 cents ones are different. I'm still selling books. They are just cheaper than usual.

I should also tell you that, if I'm remembering correctly, my best ever non-promotion sales day was five sales in a single day. Yesterday, during the first day of the Kindle Countdown, I sold fourteen units. Today, which is admittedly not over for several more hours, I have sold eleven.

Promotion Sales: Total
The good thing about the countdown deal is even though my price has dropped, it allows me to keep my 70% royalties. If I were selling books at a 99 cent rate every day, they would be at 30%.

However, what I hadn't anticipated was this. When you divide up my sales by individual books, this is what the graph looks like for Dragon's Debt, the book that is currently on promotion.

Promotion Sales: Dragon's Debt
Yesterday Dragon's Debt sold 11 copies. Today it has sold six. That means that three of the copies sold yesterday and FIVE of the copies sold today were my other books, which are still at their normal price.

Regular Price Sales: Dragon's Curse
These are the Dragon's Curse sales for the same two day period.

Regular Price Sales: Tale and Two Parts
And I even sold an extra copy of The Ordinary Knight and the Invisible Princess: A Tale in Two Parts, even though it is not part of The Dragon and the Scholar series.

So not only did readers apparently purchase my 99 cent book, but based on these numbers, I have to assume several of the same group came back the next day and purchased more books by me.

So to sum up, I'm very excited about how this promotion has worked out for me. I will probably do another one when Dragon's Rival is ready to be released.

If you are interested in checking out any of the books listed, you can do so on Amazon through the links below.

Dragon's Curse (The Dragon and the Scholar) (Volume 1)


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