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Confession: I was supposed to do this post three days ago, but I completely spaced it. Partially I put it out of mind because I was supposed to find three other fiction writer/bloggers who would follow after me, and while I have friends that are fiction writers and friends who are bloggers, the two groups don't really intersect. I never got the required amount of writers to sign up, and so I'm just making this open. If you want to play along and answer the questions, go ahead and make the post then link it in the comments. I'd love it if you linked back to me, but I don't own these questions, so it isn't required.

The writer who tagged me is Angela Castillo, blogger at Mom Scribbles and Author of the Toby  the Trilby Series (check them out on Amazon through the links below) and read her tag post here.
The Amazing Adventures of Toby the Trilby (The Toby the Trilby Series)

1. What am I working on?
Right now it is a young adult fantasy about two girls from different backgrounds who become friends and fight a great evil. It is called Beggar Magic and has some steampunk elements (my characters have dueling pistols and pocket watches) and also some fantasy elements (the magic system of this world can be heard as music in the air).

2) How does my work differ from others of its genre?
Y/A and fantasy are so varied that I could say something that is different from one book in the genre, but it would be the same as other. What makes it different from other books I've written is the focus on a female friendship rather than a romantic relationship.It is also specifically written for teens and preteens. Most of my work just falls into that category because it is "clean". This has teen characters with teen problems and sometimes teen attitudes.

3) Why do I write what I do?
I like to play with the idea of the fantastic. I also like to explore character relationships. I don't like to not be thinking or to think about boring stuff, so when I'm cooking or cleaning or waiting to fall asleep, I think about stories.

4) How does my writing process work?
I generally have been thinking about a story long before I ever try to write it down. The first step for  me is never to think up an idea, but to choose between ideas. I'll often start three or four stories before I find the one that is right for "right now".  I write in order as it happens because I find if I skip ahead to the interesting parts, I lose interest in the parts in between (though I'll make an exception if I think of something that I want to get on paper before I forget, like clever dialog or description). I often have the majority of the plot planned out in my head, then I just start writing. I usually make to do lists for my characters:
To do:

  • Discover evil plot
  • Storm castle
  • Free Sir Elvis the Rhythmic 
  • Have a dance off in the throne room
  • Win  dance off due to the last minute appearance of Lady Peggy Sue who wields the power of the blue suede shoes.

Other times I'll write out synopsis including dialog ideas and character motivations, but mostly I just write. I write in stolen moments, on note pads while my girls are at the park or in gymnastics, during afternoon naps, and in the few hours after they gone to bed but before I have to force myself to do so as well.

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  1. Great stuff! Can't wait to read more!

    1. I'm thinking about expanding on my Sir Elvis the Rhythmic idea.


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