Dragon's Rival: New Characters

So, Dragon's Rival is coming soon. . .ish.

I'm really eager to get it out  there. Now, it is the continuation of The Dragon and the Scholar Saga, so you'll  see a lot of returning characters,  Shannon, Ewan, Edmond, Ryan, Riley, Brighid . . . even Conner from book one.

However, there are some new friends as well. I can't tell you too much about some of them, not without giving away plot points and surprises, but I thought I'd give a quick note on who they are and why I love them . . . or hate them as the case may be.

First off we have Kelsyn (who you can meet in my preview of chapter one here). Kelsyn, also known as the Red Ancient, is a member of the dragon council and messenger of the dragon queen, Harviss. He's a snide fellow who finds humans to be amusing little ants and has an offer for Ewan.

The next "new" character actually had a small part in both Dragon's Curse and Dragon's Debt, though I never gave him a name in Dragon's Curse (he was the guard in the scene where Shannon first sees the dragon as well as the eager young guard who earns Ewan's respect fighting Roderick. He also  brought Martin's message to Ewan at the beginning of Dragon's Debt, where I finally bothered to name him). Donovan Dobsen is a guard at Edmond's palace, an eager, bright young man with a way of seeing through pretense and thinking things through. He's handy in a fight but would  much rather take a considerate approach.

And then we have Will, oh Will, I love you. You're such an adorable rogue. Will's story involves a lot of spoilers. Suffice it to say he's young, a bit angry, and a real scrapper. When we meet him he's a guard in Riley's palace, but  he doesn't wear the uniform well and would much rather be climbing trees and getting into mischief. He catches  Ryan's eye and a friendship develops. . . or does it?

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