My First Paid Ad: Addicted to eBooks

My sales slumped a bit after my Kindle countdown deal  . . . which basically means they went back to normal. It was just hard to admit that the sales I got that week and the week following weren't "normal" (you can check out my post about them here).

So with my sales back to the pre-promotion rates, I started searching for options. I eventually decided to put $15 towards a paid advertisement with "Addicted to eBooks." For fifteen dollars they post your book cover and blurb on their Facebook page and have a sidebar ad on their main site.

If you look at the screen shot below, you'll see my book on the sidebar.

So a quick pros and cons of this service:

(pros first)

  • $15 is not much as far as advertising goes.
  • Their Facebook page has over 8,000 followers.
  • They did everything they said they would. The ad was up for a week. The blurb and cover also were posted on Facebook (8 people liked the post).
  • I did see more sales for the week it was up than the week prior.


  • It really wasn't that many more sales. 
  • It is really hard to say whether those sales were from the advertising or just happened to coincide with the advertising.
  • The site chooses the days your ad runs (though they do ask if you have a free promotion scheduled and what dates it will be which makes me think that they would try and fit you in during your promotion.).

Well, to start here are my sales charts for the week I ran the ad and the week prior to this. The week with the ad is the bottom line.

I had four units sold (yes, pretty pathetic) the week prior to the ad running) and 10 (plus one kindle lending library loan) the week after. Assuming that the majority of those six extra sales were directly related to the ad and taking into account that I make a $2 profit off every $2.99 ebook the ad may have paid for itself, but that's about it. 

I think this service would probably work better if combined with a kindle countdown or free day. If your intent is to give away a lot of free books or advertise a discount day, it definitely would help to have this exposure. 

I have my book signed up for another service but they do have a waiting list, so that will be awhile (This one only charges you a percentage of the profits from books sold during that time. I'll definitely talk about that more when I try it out. I have a friend who used it and included it on a blog post here.)

If you would like to help  me increase my sales, click below and check out my books on Amazon:

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