So about a month ago I started getting notifications from google that my domain name was about to expire, click here to fix it.

Unfortunately, every time I "clicked here" I'd get an error message that said my task couldn't be completed at that time. I made multiple attempts over the last month, always coming across the same message. I tried different methods of logging in. They sent me an email every week or so to remind me to renew, always with links leading to the same error. I tried changing my password. Nothing worked.

Finally I just gave up.

The  thing is, my blog name predates my writing "career." It does not connect to my author name or the name of my books. The only thing it really links to any more is my twitter handle (@typativemamacat) because I got that when my blog, not my fiction, was my primary creative outlet.

I also am already paying for my  author website domain name (not through the same provider as was)

My current plan it to attach an rss feed for my blog to my website so you can find all of "me" through that one domain name. It connects with my author name, books, and is generally a better marketing platform than this blog.

I'm in the process of updating links to this blog throughout the interwebs to reflect the change in web address.

In the meantime, you can still subscribe to this blog through bloglovin, email updates, or G+.

Sorry if this is causing any inconvenience for any of you. I may someday wish to reboot this blog to narrow the focus completely to writing and fiction. Right now the content is kind of all over the place.