I want a writing vacation

Today I wrote two guest posts for my blog tour, did some critiquing of another writer's book (part of a swap), scratched out a new chapter of Thaddeus Whiskers and-the Dragon, linked my blog on a couple of hops, sent several writing related emails, and spent several minutes trying to decide why one screen on KDP says I've made five sales so far in July and the other says only three (still no idea).

I also vacuumed, emptied the dishwasher, filled it again, made breakfast, lunch, and dinner for myself and the girls, took the girls outside for some painting (outside painting means faster clean up), picked up the house, changed four or five diapers, made various snacks, yelled at the dog for barking incessantly, drank two cups of coffee and one cup of black tea in spite of my frequent heartburn, broke up sibling squabbles and got a headache.

And still it feels like I didn't make a dent in my to do list either for writing or homemaking.

I'll admit I'm trying to do too much right now. I need to focus on one project, writing wise. That really should be final edits on Dragon's Rival. It's due out in a month. I should get it presentable.I thought it was finished, at the "just fix any typos" stage, but I had someone do a fairly harsh read through, and they want me to add some more emotional reaction stuff and explaining stuff and they didn't particularly care for my plot or characters either.

Half of me wants to just write off about 90% of what they said as "style differences" because I was pretty happy with the piece, but to make this book the best it can be, I  really need to look at each individual suggestion and decide on its merits and figure out what tweaks to make to fix each perceived problem. It's going to take a lot of time, and I'm not sure where I can get that time.

Matt is worried about retirement (only in the military is this a valid concern at 32). We do okay financially, but we are no where near where he wants to be, so he's taking on extra work. A lot of Marines around here take second jobs, and several are contractors. Matt is helping some of them. He's picking up valuable skills, but he's been gone constantly. Today  is July 4th, and he left at seven in the morning and didn't come back until almost eight. He comes home after work, changes,  and heads out to do sheet rock or build decks until dusk. It's just me and the girls for waking hours.

I would love a day where I could leave the girls with Matt and just selfishly focus on my writing and edits, but he's simply not available.

I need to go grocery shopping, fold laundry, wipe down baseboards. . . I told Coryn I didn't have time this afternoon to play a board game. I'd like to fit in some exercise and reading. . .but I'm just out of time.

My current financial goal for my writing is to eventually make enough to hire a cleaning service on occasion. That would clear up more time for writing and my kids.

I know this is temporary. If I can wade through to Dragon's Rival's release date, I can spread out the rest of my activity over several months. As a self-published author, my deadlines are self-imposed. If I can get through this, I can space the next several out more judiciously.

So thank you for attending this pity party. I've got a plan to work my way out of it. I promise!