My Little Wonder Woman

My six-year-old is really into super hero cartoons right now. Because living in Japan got me used to ordering costumes early (or having my kid wearing the same thing as 75% of the other kids on base because it was too late to order online and the Exchange only ordered like four basic costumes in each size), I ordered her a Wonder Woman costume last week.
It came today, and she's been wearing it since then. Some of the things that have come out of her mouth:
"Mom, I need something that can be an invisible plane. Can we drive around in the car and look for people to act like Wonder Woman at?" (I have a bad feeling she means actual vigilantism.)
Coryn: I want to be a real life Wonder Woman.
Me: Well, maybe you could get a job when you grow up that fights crime.
Coryn: No, because then I could die.
I guess crime fighting is only fun with the benefit of super powers
"Wonder Woman is my biggest fan." (which she probably means the reverse of, but it is hard to tell for sure) 
Then she ran upstairs and brushed her teeth and hair (because Super Heroes have great personal hygiene?) and posed in front of the mirror for 20 minutes, and now she's watching Batman cartoons, still in the costume.
I have a feeling she's going to live in this costume from now on. 
I get her little sister a Supergirl costume, but Claire was less enthusiastic and determined that her sister's costume was better than hers. She did willingly wear the cape, but kept trying to remove all her other clothing and run around in JUST the cape. Other than that, she just kept pointing to what Coryn was wearing and fussing because she couldn't have it. 

I'm overall pleased with the quality of this costume. It looks like it will hold up to play. The skirt is a little shorter than I'd like, but I'll probably just have her wear her gymnastic shorts beneath it. 
Claire I haven't been able to get to try on her costume. It runs big, though, so I might have to work to make it fit. 

I did find this costume which really impressed me:

this "Lady Sif" costume is cool, not revealing, and it is just awesome. I don't mind my girls being girly. They have princess dresses too, but I get annoyed that all the girl super hero costumes incorporate a tutu or are pink. It took awhile to find ones for Coryn and Claire that were silly frilly or skimpy. 
Of course, Coryn doesn't know who Lady Sif is because she's really into DC cartoons, not Marvel. 


  1. SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!! growing up, I used to want to be Laura Ingles Wilder and my sister always wanted to be Huck Fin or something. fun memories.

    Love that costume. Looks very well made and also fun.


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