Free Story Day, and this author is losing it

I scheduled a free day for my short story, The Princess and the Soldier,  a couple of weeks ago and fully intended to promote it a little and share it so that  anyone who wanted to could  grab a copy . . . and I completely forgot. Anyway, it is free today (and maybe tomorrow too; I'm hazy about  that). Click on the link below to download a copy:
The Princess and the Soldier: A New Fairy Tale

As I said, I'm hazy right now about a lot of things. I'm at the WORST part of writing, the first round of rewrites, for Beggar Magic. I got my first major outside opinions on the first five chapters or so and I found a few changes to make that are going to be easy to screw up. For one thing, I'm altering the timeline so I need to make sure every  reference to time passing (be it years or months or days) is hunted down and corrected as to the new timeline.  It is easy to miss things like that. 

To  add to the confusion, I have a head cold, and it has left me majorly blurry.

Dragon's Rival release went well.  I need to blog  a little bit about my last Kindle Countdown Deal promotion, because that went EXTREMELY well, and I think other Indie authors (you're out there, right?) would be interested in the promotion sites I used and the results I got out of them. 

The first review of Dragon's Rival is up.  Five stars! Dragon's Curse is now up to 15 reviews, none lower than 3 stars, most in the four and five range (its  average rating is currently 4.6 stars), and I feel a bit like a real author. 

I'm excited to  get book four finished and will be teasing the first chapter in a few days.

So to do list:

  1. Tease first chapter of book four
  2. Order proof and finish final edits of book four
  3. Write post on countdown deal results
  4. Rewrites on Beggar Magic
  5. Continue writing my  dragon and kitten story
  6. Get some sleep and get over this head cold.