Dragon's Bride: Location, location, location

For the last book in my Dragon and the Scholar Saga, Dragon's Bride (Now available for preorder on Amazon.com, click the link below.)
Dragon's Bride (The Dragon and the Scholar Book 4)
. . .where was I?
Oh yes!
For Dragon's Bride, I wanted to pull out all the stops, play some more with the lore, the characters, and the location. 
I did a lot more image searches, finding inspiration (I keep a pinboard with my favorite finds here). 

In this post I wanted to share some of my favorite location images and some hints about how they play into the story.

I didn't actually need to research this one because I've actually been there, but for my dragon queen's throne, I wanted a magnificent, imposing lair. Something with room for lots of dragons. I  went with Mt. St. Helens. Not literally. My dragon's lair is not in Washington state, but it is in a horseshoe shaped crater in a dormant volcano next to a large blue lake. 

We spend a lot of time out of doors in this book. Sometimes in a snowy wood.
Or a rock quarry dripping with ice.
Fairy forests.
And abandoned, possibly haunted, farms where evil kings are hiding kidnapped children.
My most fantastical location is a magic river I found in this pin and decided to use for my story, even though my story wasn't based on a tropical island, but hey! It's magic. I can put it wherever I want.

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