Dragon's Bride: New Character, Acacia


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What's with the tree? Well, that is an Acacia tree.

In the back of the office, a door led to a private sitting room. He opened this and let in a young woman with wiry brown hair, cut just below her ears, thin dark brows, and clear blue eyes. Small of frame, her black, diviner’s robes hung loosely about her body. 

Acacia is young and talented but a bit abrasive. She takes her name from a tough but thorny desert tree because she's not afraid to be unpleasant if the end result is survival.

Sometimes it is hard to tell if she doesn't realize how she is presenting herself to others or if she just doesn't care. Most of the time it is a mix of both, though.
Having escaped a bad  home life to join the Academy at a very young age, Acacia is one of the most talented diviners, able to scry and prophesy.
These skills make her a valuable asset for Prince Ryan in the search for his young son. 

Acacia speaks her mind and makes her own choices but can be swift to leap to judgments about people, especially men.


  1. Too cool! I can hardly wait to read this one! I would love to do reviews for books 3 and 4, if you like. :)


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