Dragon's Bride: New Character, Idriss

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Dragon's Bride (The Dragon and the Scholar Book 4)

There are a handful of wonderful new characters in Dragon's Bride. Of course, a lot of our old friends (and enemies, sorry, Riley still is not dead. You'll have to read the book to see if I do anything about that.) are along for the ride: Ewan, Shannon, Martin, Ryan, etc., but there are some new faces, some a bit fantastical.

The first is the character who really makes me wish I could draw because she deserves a good picture and nothing I find on the web is quite right.

Her name is Idriss, and she is a capricious Fey queen, kind of a spoiled Persian cat but with magic powers . . . not saying Persian cats can't have magic powers, but to  my knowledge, it is a rare trait for them and they  tend to  keep it quiet. 

So, since no pictures are going to be exact, I'm actually going to share an excerpt:

A silver throne appeared, and upon it sat Idriss. She was a good head taller than the tallest soldier in Rega’s command. Her cat-like eyes glowed a milky green, and her skin was paper pale. Her purple hair was braided around a conical, silver wire crown, adding a good foot to her already impressive height. She had a youthful, ageless face, flawless in feature, ancient in expression.
Idriss’s mouth quirked in a way that spoke more to jadedness than wisdom. To add to her exotic beauty, thick green paint spread like butterfly wings over both her eyes, and a small red heart had been carefully drawn in the center of her lips. She wore a gown of periwinkle blue so sheer that it would’ve been see-through if not for bejeweled flowers sewn over her breasts and in a band just below her waist.

Now, if you read this post you may know that I almost changed Idriss's name after realizing it was used in an episode of Doctor Who. However, after giving it some thought, I realized that name has been around since long before Doctor Who  and they don't own it. Plus I really liked it. 

So it stayed.

As I  said there is nothing available that looks exactly like Idriss but here are some images I feel capture one or more aspects of  her. 



Idriss has a preference for human lovers but doesn't prefer to keep  them long. When she tires of one, she transforms  him into an animal and sets him lose in the forest or keeps him as a pet. This habit stems from her first love, as a young Fey. When Idriss's father found she was cavorting with a human knight, he cast a spell of premature aging on the man, to  show his daughter why one shouldn't choose mortals. After this, Idriss continued to have a preference for mortals, but would always transform them before they could begin to age, unwilling to watch another lover grow old. As years passed this became less  of a mercy and more of a habit. Her considerable magic and beauty ensured a supply of willing suitors, even as rumors of her activities spread.

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