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So apparently changing my blog URL messed up Bloglovin so now I'm not sure I actually have any subscribers through that method. If you have been and would like to again follow me through bloglovin, please click on the link above.

Hopefully you're following me on some other outlet and will notice this.

Please and thank you


  1. You have me and 52 others! I wonder how many of them know about the change?

    1. I'm surprised it doesn't automatically transfer, since the link is done through these claim posts and not the blog url, so changing it shouldn't make a difference. I have shifted my blog's focus a ton in the last year or so, though. I used to be followed mostly for my crochet stuff and now the focus is almost completely on my fiction writing.

  2. I had a blog virus and needed to start over.
    I haven't added follower buittons yet.

  3. Hi Heidi! I'm popping in from Book Review Diva's blog hop. I try to visit at least one new person who links, but I wasn't impressed with the erotic book review blogs, so I picked you instead. :) Anyway, I just followed you on Bloglovin. I hope you get your social media going strong. It's hard work, but having your Twitter, Pinterest or Google+ in a Rafflecopter helps to gain followers. Wishing you a great weekend!


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