Breaking up with a writers' group

First things first, this is the first post written on a smart phone for me. 

Anyway, that interesting tidbit aside, I recently but somewhat cowardly weaseled my way out of a writers' group.

I'm not really an introvert. I usually test ENFP but that personality type is also defined by the need to recharge and create in solitude. So generally I get on well with limited human interaction. I'd rather be writing than making small talk. 

But I do like people and talking and whatnot. 

Because of this I do occasionally make an effort to find like minded individuals to chat with. 

At the beginning of summer I located a writing and critique group locally. My first meetings with them were positive. I have a lot of experience through scribophile and other online sources in reading to give constructive criticism. It may sound like bragging but I know what I'm doing. I put a lot of time into the input I give and I expect the same back.

As I said, the first few meetings went well but after a bit a lot of the members moved to the Tuesday meetings which were at a bad time for me. The Saturday group dwindled to 4 then 3. Also the amount and quality of the input went down. 

The last meeting I attended was the final straw. I spent hours going over the other two submissions to give detailed suggestions. When my piece got to the table one person said she had lost her notes on my piece and the other only said they thought it was cool my main character was a cat.

The rest of the "meeting" they used to chat.

Writing for me is too important and my free time too limited to squander two to three hours like that. The Tuesday group would probably be worth it if I could find a way to rearrange my schedule for it. However, since the meetings don't have childcare and Matt's work schedule is all over the place, even then there would be no guarantee I could attend regularly.

I haven't officially left the group yet. I'm just not RSVP ing to the meet ups. 

The good news is I can use that time to write.


  1. Can't say I blame you, Heidi. There's too much stuff to do in this world to be wasting time on things that don't work. :)

    1. Yeah, it clears up several hours for me I can write with too, since I don't have to read/crit other pieces.

  2. I've done the same thing on occasion. It never hurts to say NO once in a while.


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